Memory Maps (SE11)
London Festival of Architecture

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Memory Maps is a look at the experience of local residents in relation to their built environment. This, the first in its series, features interviews with six participants connected to the London district of Kennington and Vauxhall, which is covered by the SE11 post code.

A mix of Georgian and Victorian terraces, post-war social housing (Cotton Gardens Estate, Lambeth Towers – featured image) and new-builds, this area has changed considerably over the course of time. During the nineteenth and early twentieth century the concentration of factories and workshops made this a place thick with smoke and grime. In the 50s, 60s and 70s it was largely slums, the 80s and 90s brought redevelopment. Most recently, the conversion of a set of Victorian warehouses on Newport Street brought media attention when it won last year’s Stirling Prize.

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The area has been the inspiration for, and featured in, popular culture including books and films – the song Lambeth Walk from ‘Me and My Girl’ takes its name from a street here. One of its most famous exports, Charlie Chaplin, spent time in a Victorian workhouse on Renfrew Road as a child.

studio ëpp advertised in the local library and in local businesses to find residents, and business owners alike, who were interested in sharing their memories of time spent in this neighbourhood. From each thirty-minute audio recording we have produced a map design to act as a self-guided walking route around the area. Alternatively, you can, of course, listen to the audio clips remotely.

Architecture Walking Tour: Kennington SE11

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